Openelec XBMC CEC LG Remote remap

Posted on Thu 17 October 2013 in misc

I picked up a raspberry pi to replace my Xbox XBMC was has lasted so well but is not powerful enough to play the HD MKVs I download.

One issue I found with the LG remote control I was using (on a one for all) was that the fastforward buttons were actually set to skip and the skip buttons were set to fastforward and rewind.  Also, the remote was not passing on any of the colour buttons through CEC which meant there was no extra buttons I could use for mapping an info button and a context menu button.  Also, coming from Xbox XBMC I was missing the codec info and the aspect ratio panels during playback.

Anyway, by creating /storage/.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/keymap.xml I was able to re-map the incorrect scan buttons and use the skip buttons for info and context along with the apect ratio and codec details panels I was used to from Xbox XBMC