SSH Don't offer a key, use a password

Posted on Fri 19 February 2016 in Computing • Tagged with ssh

This is a problem i've been having more and more as my collection of keys and \~/.ssh.config grows. Sometimes you just need to log in with a password but ssh will try all of your keys and then the server prevents you from trying a password challenge because you've …

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SSH Pseudo terminals

Posted on Thu 17 January 2013 in misc • Tagged with ssh

There is always so much more to SSH than I know about.  Here is another discovery I made today.  This allows me to ssh into a machine via a gateway in just one command care of the -t flag

ssh -t "ssh"

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SSH Piping between remote servers

Posted on Wed 25 January 2012 in misc • Tagged with ssh

SSH is without doubt my favorite command line tool. Today I needed to transfer a file between two hosts that I could SSH to, but could not SSH to each other. This is really simple with a bit of standard UNIX piping.

ssh hostA cat | ssh hostB "cat …

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using a remote machine as a proxy with SSH

Posted on Mon 13 December 2010 in misc • Tagged with ssh

This is such a useful feature of SSH that I wish I had know about before now.

When working remotely from an insecure location, or when only the remote location is trusted by another host, e.g for a firewall login or viewing intranet pages you only have access to …

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Simple SSH Tunneling

Posted on Tue 20 July 2010 in misc • Tagged with ssh

Today I had a problem where the office firewall would not let out traffic to the server on port 4321 (Shame on them!)

Luckerly a remote machine comes in handy. I then just tell my Fibs client to connect on localhost port 4444

ssh -f -L 4444:fibs …

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