More Xbox One Firewall Rules - Elite Dangerous

Posted on Mon 14 March 2016 in Computing • Tagged with xbox

Elite Dangerous needs UDP 19364 outbound!

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Xbox one ScreenOS

Posted on Sun 29 November 2015 in Computing • Tagged with screenos, firewall, xbox

Here are my notes on Xbox one firewall ports with ScreenOS.

Contrary to what is posted online, I've found that not all ports need to be opened and certainly in my experience only 2 need be "port forwarded" - I used a VIP for this as I have only one public …

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Sharing media for Xbox360 on Linux/Mac

Posted on Fri 04 December 2009 in misc • Tagged with xbox

Ok, so you can't use samba with Xbox360 and there is no-way I am gonna use Windows. Luckerly, after some dedicated google-ing I came across 2 solutions, both of which did work, but at present the uShare seems to be the tidiest. Tested on …

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Xbox Live Firewall Rules

Posted on Tue 10 November 2009 in misc • Tagged with xbox

A google for xbox live firewall ports never gave me specific ports requirements so here they are as I have discovered them.


(A Nat based router/firewall these will need direct port forwarding. On my Juniper I set up a VIP.)

88 UDP

3074 UDP

3074 TCP


(I …

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