Xbox one ScreenOS

Posted on Sun 29 November 2015 in Computing • Tagged with screenos, firewall, xbox

Here are my notes on Xbox one firewall ports with ScreenOS.

Contrary to what is posted online, I've found that not all ports need to be opened and certainly in my experience only 2 need be "port forwarded" - I used a VIP for this as I have only one public …

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Setting Up VLANs and DHCP server in ScreenOS

Posted on Mon 14 September 2015 in misc • Tagged with screenos, vlan

In this example I wanted to create a VLAN attached to e0/1 for use with my KVM lab.  You'll notice I give this interface an IP address, this is so that I can have my ScreenOS device do all the routing / NATing / firewalling in isolated VLANs. I also create …

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Juniper SSG debug

Posted on Tue 15 April 2014 in misc • Tagged with screenos

I had a strange issue with VIPs over multiple zones on my SSG5 today.  I was going to dump the debug commands but someone else has already done so quite well. The block / log policy I had for the trust zone VIP was also blocking on another zone, strange - but …

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